Fumina Hara: Japanese Idol of the Week

This week we are turning to Fumina Hara (原 史奈).

Born in 1981 in Tokyo, Fumina became famous at a young age for her work as a Sailor Moon in the musicals of the same name. The Tokyo-born gal stands at a just-right 166 cm (5’5″) and I think she looks particularly good in black underwear…

fumina hara idol japan

One of the things about Fumina is how different she can look. Check out these pics to see what I mean. She can be cute and alluring, but then glamorous and celebrity. The next second she’s slutty and has that I’m-in-a-love-hotel-with-you look.

fumina hara idol japan

fumina hara idol japan

What is it about these ladies, though? Fumina is yet another example of marrying an older man, this time Tetsuo Nakanishi, soccer player and sports commentator, over ten years her senior!

To think of his leathery wrinkled paws getting all over Fumina’s smooth silky skin…well, I don’t want to spoil any fantasies. I think these pictures preserve Fumina just the way we all like to see her!

fumina hara idol japan

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