Fetish body stickers add womb or insult graffiti to partner

Without wishing to sound arrogant, we usually reckon we have now seen pretty much every kind of adult toy Japan has to offer, but we still manage to find new formats.

Have you ever tried body stickers like these? We spotted two new body sticker products available from Tama Toys, and sold and shipped globally by Kanojo Toys.

The idea behind the Uterus Body Sticker is that you can experience nakadashi without any of the dangers: you can pull out and bukkake over your partner’s body as if coming deep inside her, though minus the risks that entails, of course. This is clearly aimed at Japanese man, who don’t like to use contraception but do like bukkake.

You put the sticker on the woman’s body, presumably trying to position it more or less where her actual womb is located. Then you just have to aim.

uterus womb body sticker fetish japan

uterus womb body sticker fetish japan

It’s also part of a rich canon of “womb”-themed fetish adult toys. (One of our favs was the Shikyu Kantsu Uterus Fornicator Onahole, now sadly sold out.)

We do wonder, though, if the image of a uterus might put some guys off. On the other hand, the Bitch Body Human Toilet Insults Sticker lets you transform your partner into a “human toilet,” a common word for a slut in Japanese slang.

nikubenki human toilet bitch insult body sticker

nikubenki human toilet bitch insult body sticker

Some AV actually takes the “public toilet” idea literally, tying a woman to a convenience for ease of penetration by any man who comes along.

Insulting phrases and graffiti are written on the woman’s body in pen to further accentuate her shameful status. This sticker set means you can add similar graffiti to your partner (or, say, a doll or large onahole toy).

It reminds us of the various “insult” toys we have seen, inspired by this “public toilet” and insults body graffiti trope. For example, there is a this body paint set and “shame stockings”.

japanese sex doll love orient industry silicone

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