Extreme sexual acts in anime and manga to get screwed over

A new ordinance has been passed by the Japanese government stating that extreme sexual acts such as rape, incest and other illegal sexual acts in anime and manga will be regulated as of April of 2011.

The Japan Times reports that while the ordinance is not a law, the industry will be forced to “self-regulate” any and all sex acts seen as too extreme by the government. They will also be called upon to prevent the purchase of said material by those under the age of 18.

The anime and manga community are taking this very seriously and several large manga production companies have even said they will pull out of the federally funded internationally popular 2011 Tokyo International Anime Fair slated for April of next year. The artists are saying that this will stifle creativity and they believe their creative process will be stopped up due to such restrictions.

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Now let’s think about this for a second. While this is somewhat of a big deal, rape, incest and sex with children is pretty much a no no anywhere else in the world, and now since the Japanese government wants to curb the selling of said materials to underaged Japanese, the artist community is having a fit. Shouldn’t this be a bit of a no-brainer? They’re not even making a law saying it’s going to be taken off the market. Not by far. They just don’t want the kids of Japan to be able to get their hands on illegal sex acts.

In closing, and this one is for the kids, if you want to get that new fancy anime where a father rapes his 10-year-old daughter, you better go buy it now, because you won’t be able to get your hands on it next year. That is unless your father buys it for you. Then you probably have different problems at home.

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  • theantifeminist December 24, 2010

    The problem is, the world government sexual trade union has defined children as anybody under 18. Not only that, but even an anime image of a fictional person who might be judged to look under 18. So, according to that world feminist government, the image I’m looking at in your sidebar advertising ‘virgin meiki’ is child porn.

    Actually, despite your blatant hypocricy, I tend to agree with you. The pressure that the international sexual trade union has been putting Japan under to restric anime has been intense. This seems about as ‘soft’ as the Japanese government could reasonably be expected to go.

    PS : the incidence of child rape in Japan is about 1/20 that of the USA. The teen pregnancy rate is 1/8 that of the USA. Most men who rape Japanese children are Americn soldiers based in Okinawa.

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