Ex-SDN48’s Megumi Ohori is pregnant

The girls are falling thick and fast.

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We were sad enough when SDN48 — the “sexy” version of AKB48 — disbanded in 2012.

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Then came news at the end of that year that Megumi Ohori, one of it’s members, had married a man 12 years older.

megumi ohori sdn48 pregnant

Now is the bombshell. Megumi is pregnant.

People, including us, all speculated that Megumi’s marriage was of the shotgun variety and that she was already pregnant. Those rumors turned out to be false but Megumi and her husband were just biding their time, it seems.

Now the ripe age of 30, Megumi is way past idoldom and this pregnancy confirms it. Even so, AKB’s reigning queen Yuko Oshima has sent her congratulations to the happy couple.

So, no more Megumi like this…

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megumi ohori sdn48 akb48 sexy married

Now it’s time to say hello to Mama Megumi!

megumi ohori sdn48 akb48 sexy married

We think this may be the first pregnancy of an AKB48 or ex-AKB48 (or linked group) , or at least the most high-profile one so far. Or have we forgotten one along the way?

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