Elly Akira (Yuuka Osawa) releases first pop song “Kakkoii” as “Fareeza Terunuma and Religion”

She is the woman of many names and many occupations. Elly Akira is a Japanese porn star who also went by the name of Yuka (Yuuka) Osawa. Now she stars in porn under the name Eri Arai. Following us so far?

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She’s half Japanese, half Syrian. If that wasn’t special enough, she is also an award-winning artist, photographer, writer, and businesswoman. Oh, and she has another name: Fareeza Terunuma.

It’s under this name that she takes part in art shows and has now launched a new career as a music star.

yuuka yuka osawa elly akira fareeza terunuma music song kakkoii shukyo

Her first single is called “Kakkoii” (Cool) and is under yet another moniker, Terunuma Fareeza to Shukyou (Fareeza Terunuma and Religion).

And it shows us a surprisingly cute Elly/Yuka/Fareeza, though she does at one point rather suggestively pour mayonnaise all over herself. We like the knee-length stripy socks and the prancing around on the grass.

Frankly, though, we’ve not used to see her with this many clothes on! After all, this is what Yuuka/Yuka usually looks like.

yuuka yuka osawa elly akira fareeza terunuma music song kakkoii shukyo

yuuka yuka osawa elly akira fareeza terunuma music song kakkoii shukyo

If you like the look of Fareeza Terunuma/Elly Akira/Yuka Osawa, then get your hands on her four-hole masturbator sex toy and love juice lotion super set.

Phew, all these different names have tired me out. I’m going to watch one of Yuuka’s DVDs to calm down.

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  • nelsontl69 January 10, 2014

    Isn’t she retired from porn? Her last uncensored vid that I watched was probably around 2009 or 2010. Don’t know if she still continues to do censored porn though.

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) January 10, 2014


    She took a break from porn, it seems, but has made a comeback since last year. She never seems happy doing just one thing, though!

  • Shay January 27, 2018

    She’s so beautiful.

  • whoami November 17, 2018

    Japan sells their women easily. They treat them just like that. Sexualize everything. What a nation.

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