From the Archive: Cup Nude, Instant Ramen Onahole

It’s sadly no longer available but sometimes we like to explore the archives of older interesting Japanese adult toys. There are some real gems to be found and this is one of them. We hope the manufacturers bring it back some day!

The Cup Nude was a ona-cup with a difference — on the outside, it looked like a pot of instant noodles.

cup nude pot noodle instant masturbator sex toy

Peel off the lid and you have, though, not a block of Cup Noodle waiting for hot water, but a soft body of flesh and a hole to dip into your own “chopstick”. Add lube rather than the usual flavoring powder!

Rather than waiting three minutes for the noodles to be ready, you would be all finished in that time.

cup nude pot noodle instant masturbator sex toy

It was a one-use only onahole that was sold super cheap (just like real instant noodles) about six years ago, but sadly is no longer being made. (There may have been issues with Nissin, who make Cup Noodle. This is, after all, a parody one step too far for some.)

So would you have fancied an “instant” meal with this?

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