Cross-dressing coast guard exposes genitals in public

Just when you think you have everything sorted out about Japan, along comes a wacky kinky story to throw you off kilter again!

Police in Chiba have arrested a coast guard who had been walking down the street on August 6th dressed only in a woman’s wig and a red and purple bra.

exhibitionism expose nudity flasher japan 開チン

Aside from some make-up, the rest of his body was completely exposed so we’re not even sure if this counts as cross-dressing. Surely his cock would have been an immediate giveaway!

Masahiko Ono (48) is said to be slightly tubby and not to have bothered attempting to shave his body hair. A lovely image! His coast guard colleagues were reportedly VERY surprised at his antics!

exhibitionism expose nudity flasher japan 開チン

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