Orient Doll CandyGirl Jewel – Japanese Love Doll


The CandyGirl Jewel is the perfect Japanese girl next door. Her breasts are the perfect size, and she has a body to make any man moan. Made entirely of 100% high-quality silicone, CandyGirl Jewel is soft to the touch and retains heat well. She’s perfectly posable and lifelike to suit your tastes. CandyGirl Jewel, like all of our dolls, is waterproof and will be fine in the bath or shower.


Her skin is smooth, not a “sticky” rubber feel, and is very natural. Being 100% silicone, she has seamless skin at the joints that completes the illusion. She looks incredibly real and supple.


The CandyGirl Jewel set comes with a choice of one of two body holes designed just for her. You can enhance it with under-hair, or leave it hairless if you choose to. The body hole insert is extremely high-quality and durable, and provides amazing sensations for your special moments. It’s also completely removable for cleaning and replacement. Choose either “Webbed” (ribbed inside) or “Boing” (tight and standard).

Recommended head/face pieces:


Body Features:
• Material: 100% silicone
• Height: 150cm (4’9″)
• Weight: 28kg (61.7 lbs)
• Bust: 80cm (31.5 in.) with a 65cm (26.4 in.) underbust
• Waist: 57cm (22.4 in.)
• Hips: 84cm (33.1 in.)
• Shoe size: 23cm (size 5.5)

The CandyGirl Jewel set includes:
• Candy Girl Jewel body
• Silicone head of your choice
• Hairpiece of your choice
• Underwear set
• Body “hole” set
• Underhair
• Hole cover
• Repair set
• Anniversary ring

Rie Gallery (Click thumbnails for a larger view)


Misaki Gallery (Click thumbnails for a larger view)


Yume Gallery (Click thumbnails for a larger view)


To buy a CandyGirl Jewel from Kanojo Toys click HERE

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  • edward August 10, 2007

    wau es algo asombroso la forma q puede conseguir la silicona, tiene belleza de un angel es casi como si tuviera vida precioso, mis felicitaciones a la persona o a las personas que crean tamaña belleza

  • Jermie August 17, 2007

    Why not sell more models, i miss a vew!!
    Youre the only dealers that sells them as i know!?
    So should be nice!!

    Thnx 🙂

  • Muppet September 27, 2007


    Next step is partial mechanical movement and some vocal sounds.

    Enough to make the wife jealous.

  • saint November 12, 2007

    i like this doll but its to expensive for me if i can have this one in my country i cant spend my time in my home.. in indonesia this doll its rare maybe none sells this thing..!

  • saint November 12, 2007

    i like this doll please give one….

  • Dean November 12, 2007

    How long does it take to receive the doll here in the states after I order one?
    Last question: Is there an opening for the ass or mouth? and is the Rose model a “grip” model? ( or is that only on th Petite?)

  • Tony December 15, 2007

    I have been looking at Realdolls.com dolls in the USA, which are remarkable. However, they do show seams along the legs and arms etc.which spoils them.
    I am impressed that your dolls are made in one piece, but can you move their limbs like Realdolls – they have a skeletal frame inside them to move to most human positions.
    Further, what you term the ‘body hole’ is not very real, as the Realdolls are!, and yours requires more lifelike realism!! Further there seems to be no anus, or open mouth, or jaw that can be moved to alter mouth openings to a variety of real.
    Maybe you should get together with Realdolls to share in a project that would combine the best techniques of yours and theirs.
    Also, you as Realdolls list the price of dolls, and then refer to extra import tax and custom duties. You don’t tell us what these costs are in the UK for example, and I certainly wouldn’t know how or where to go to find this out, or wish to. I think you should supply this information, again because without knowing the full cost of the doll INCLUSIVE of these tax/duties, it would be silly to consider buying one. After all, it could double the cost of the doll!!??

  • nick July 19, 2008

    its an intersting and erotic fetish item – very facinating.

  • hermanet August 26, 2008

    it’s so fantastic…i wish you can sell it worldwide soon and if you can develop a mass product, you may reduce its price…i believe it will be favor for many people…i really need any of these…if only i can get…wooow..

  • gorge December 10, 2008

    damn i like the titts so ima buy it when i get the money

  • Bloo December 16, 2008

    omg… >> i wasnt searching for these but i typed in doll in google and i got this i was like WTF?

    are guys seriously that desprate or are girls just getting horrible.

    now i’d like one of these dolls for myself not to “play” with but to dress up in cosplays XD

    and to help make my clothing haha
    u should make a non hole model for semstress…
    this is also about the same price as one of the really good mannequin. Just saying.
    you poor guys.

    well i guess if girls can have vibrators u can have a doll… though growing up i thought dolls are for girls not boys! lolz.

    hahahahaha… omg this is great. i haven’t laughed today and this made me laugh. <3

  • marcos March 1, 2009


  • marcos March 1, 2009

    to deliver in brazil? what i have do?

  • Russian Escorts September 1, 2009

    Great site!!

  • Kamagra September 1, 2009


  • Tony March 28, 2016

    Fucking Hot!!! Love to have Sex with the Dolls. Cum in her mouth and put her away. The Doll never talks back to me or want money.. Perfect girl lol

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