Anal toys for men popular in Japan

These days, is there anything wrong with men enjoying anal pleasure, either alone or with a partner? Attitudes have changed dramatically in just a short time! In Japan, for example, prostate massage toys have become major sellers in the sex toys shops, and many adult films feature men getting fucked by women with various weapons of ass destruction. One of the latest is the Anal Phaser, a carefully crafted prostate massager that contains a vibe.

anal phaser prostate massager 1

For a little more power, the Anal Insertion Direct keeps its battery pack off board, but makes up for the cord with even stronger vibration.

anal insertion direct vibrator

The myth is that anal sex for men is for “queers” or other nonsense. Even though these toys aren’t for in/out play (they stay inside and massage you) there’s still a remaining stigma about putting something in your ass. Men, are you really that hung up on anal sex? It’s a Brave New World!


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