Alleged sex tape by soccer player Ryo Hatsuse leaks online

A video has leaked online that is reported to be a sex tape made by Japanese professional soccer player Ryo Hatsuse.

If true, it seems that Ryo Hatsuse uploaded the video to social media by mistake — a similar error committed by the model Ayana Miyamoto last year.

ryo hatsune soccer player japanese sex tape leak

In the five-second video, which is viewable here, an unseen male is having sex from behind with a woman, whose naked back is visible but not her face. The video appeared on December 4th on the sportsman’s Instagram feed, which has over 200,000 followers.

The 22-year-old Ryo Hatsuse plays for Vissel Kobe in the J1 League, having previously played for Gamba Osaka.

The leak has sparked a flurry of online articles and social media chatter, but so far no fallout or comment from Hatsune. Whether the video is genuine or not, we would love to be a fly on the wall of the locker room when he faces the banter of his team mates.

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  • Youneed Jizzus December 6, 2019

    LMFAO i’ve been literally playing him in PES Master League, my fav right back on my team, n now i see this news,. fckin weird n hilarious

  • Ryumoau December 10, 2019

    Not familair with him but he looks cute in google pics. The sex tape itself is lame though. 5 seconds of nothing much because of how dark the video is.

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) December 10, 2019


    Feel free to make a better one and share it with us online!

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