AKB48 cross-dresser cosplay for boys to become Akihabara idols

Japan frequently — hell, basically always — pushed the boundaries and definitions of what is expected and accepted.

We think of AKB48 and we think of cubby otaku geek men who can’t get a girlfriend, jacking off and then heading to the meet-and-greet scrums with the stars, the spunk still dripping from their hands. (Seriously, there are stories like this.)

Think again. AKB is also popular with cross-dressers! Yes, there are guys who find it erotic to dress up as one of the diminutive Akihabara idols and imitate their skimpy, sexy skirts and uniforms.

akb48 akihabara idol cross-dresser cosplay costume

For precisely these chaps there is the AKB Cross-Dresser’s Cosplay Costume set! With tartan skirt and coming in a practical “big” size, if you’re a man with these kinds of needs, look no further!

It just goes to prove, you shouldn’t judge till you know the full facts. Not every AKB fan is a loser geek. Some are transvestites, drag queens or cross-dressers or playing with definitions of gender. Saying that, it’s not the first time we’ve blogged about the idol group being associated with cross-dressing.

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