Airi Shimizu named as new brand ambassador for Sagami condoms

Despite having some of the thinnest and best condoms in the world, use of contraception in Japan remains relatively low, resulting in frequent shotgun weddings — including high-profile celebrities.

As such, Japan’s two main condoms brands — Sagami and Okamoto — try all sorts of novel marketing campaigns to encourage couples to use their products.

The latest comes from Sagami, known for its 0.01 mm condoms and Keith Haring art condoms. The manufacturer hired gravure idol Airi Shimizu as its twelfth brand ambassador.

The news was announced in mid-December.

Specifically, Shimizu — a firm favorite of this blog — is meant to be helping to promote the Sagami Original 0.02 condoms. What this means in practice is basically that the 28-year-old Kansai native poses for a few pictures in branded clothing and while holding packs of the thin condoms.

airi shimizu sagami condoms japan

airi shimizu sagami condoms japan

She also made a “virgin-imparting karate” video, though quite how that promotes safe sex, let alone Sagami’s own condoms, we aren’t sure.

Sagami is perhaps hoping the video might go viral, but as much as we like Airi Shimizu, this is not as strong a marketing idea as, say, Okamoto’s past anime series or dinosaur sex video, or even Durex’s fake horror movie.

You might also think that recruiting a hot gradol would do little more than encourage men to jerk off, since the opportunity to consume new images and videos of her is going to get guys hornier, and we all know what happens then. But perhaps Sagami is gambling that Airi Shimizu’s slinky body will get men in the mood even if they have a partner nearby — regardless of whether said partner looks like Shimizu (and if she does, you’re a damn lucky fella).

And then when the fun begins, presumably the man is meant to remember what Shimizu was promoting and slip a condom on.

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