46% of Japanese men in twenties have no experience of dating

A survey has found that 46% of unmarried Japanese men in their twenties have never dated a member of the opposite sex.

The figure is a record high, representing a significant increase from 34.2% in the last survey two years ago.

The survey by Recruit Bridal Research Institute found a slight drop in the numbers of men in their forties who have never dated (down from 27.1% to 22.9%), but a rise in the numbers of men in their thirties (up from 35.4% to 41.2%).

Just 26.7% of men in their twenties said they currently had a partner.

On average, 43.5% of men said they wanted to get married in the future, down from 47.1% last time. Of the men who said they didn’t want to marry, the most common reason they gave was because marriage would make things difficult for them financially.

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Among women, 29.8% of unmarried women in their twenties said they had never dated a man, which was a slight increase from the previous survey’s 24.3%. There was a similar trend among the results for women in their thirties (25.3%, up from 23%) and forties (26.5%, up from 19.9%).

On average, 49.3% of women said they wanted to marry (down from 59.7% last time). But unlike the guys, the women’s reasons were mostly related to the impact marriage would have on what they could do in life.

The survey was carried out online in early September with 1,200 unmarried men and women aged between 20 and 49.

Could we be witnessing the long-term impact of the pandemic? Or is it all due to Japan’s stagnant economy, where wages remain low while prices slowly and incrementally increase?

On the other hand, the survey only collected results regarding straight relationships. It specifies “dating the opposite sex,” suggesting that gay people were not served well by the available responses. But we guess a research institute linked to wedding services is unlikely to be interested in same-sex couples, who are not able to marry legally in Japan.

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  • gaijin knowledge December 15, 2023

    you guys have legal prostitution and one of biggest sex culture yet somehow most of the guy is virgin ?

    yeah either this survey not reliable enough or japanese male are too beta nowadays

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) December 15, 2023

    @gaijin knowledge

    The survey isn’t saying these guys are virgins, they are just not dating women. Perhaps because of the things you noted.

  • Ian December 16, 2023

    @gaijin knowledge and @Tadashi Anahori

    More like punishing work schedules, low pay (meaning low prospects), online dating putting average men at a deep disadvantage, not knowing how to approach and flirt with women in person (aka nanpa/game), and video games/youtube/tiktok allow a comfortable, shut-in culture. And of course porn is everywhere on the internet.

    I have no doubt that most are probably virgins.

  • anon December 16, 2023

    Dating? In this economy?

  • Lucy Thai December 16, 2023

    That’s such a shame. Japanese boys have thick purple mushroom head cocks. They shouldn’t be going to waste!

  • Blackdick1 January 14, 2024

    I’m a blackman I need a Japanese woman that perfer blackman only and loves the color blue🔵 and hates china aswell latinos

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