30% of Japanese men in twenties, thirties have no experience of dating

That’s what the results of a survey would have us believe.

It surveyed 3,616 men and women aged 20 to 49 around Japan on the theme of marriage and children online in early February.

japan survey men women dating 30% men no experience

30% of men in both their twenties and thirties answered that they had never had sex or been in a relationship. The numbers of people dated increases for men in their thirties compared with respondents in their twenties, but the proportion of people who with no experience of romance among the unmarried remains the same.

On the other hand, girls in their twenties with no experience of a relationship is just under 30% but this halves once they get into their thirties. And the percentage of women in their thirties who have dated over six people is double that of the guys.

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What does this prove? Japanese men are not interested in relationships? Or that the only men who have time to answer online surveys are the kinds of guys with no interest in relationships?

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