Tokyo’s sex habits laid bare in bedroom habits survey

A new survey by the folks over at Time Out Tokyo has provided us an interesting snapshot of sexual habits in the nation’s capital in 2011. Responding to a request from May 23rd, over 800 people eventually completed the survey, painting an illuminating picture of the sex lives of present-day Tokyoites.

tokyo sex survey research

tokyo sex survey research

With male respondents accounting for 61% of the total, females taking 39%, the survey delved into such issues as how long you would need to know somebody before having sex (answers running from mere hours to several years), who should initiate a pickup (seems the ball is in your court, gentlemen) and which day of the week is best for picking someone up on (somewhat unsurprisingly, Friday took this accolade).

Other interesting tidbits include a rather frosty reception for Japanese porn, with only 27% of respondents rating the average AV as particularly exciting, revelations regarding public indecency (28% claimed to have ‘publicly penetrated’) and a variety of highly entertaining responses to the statement ‘I’m looking for somebody in Tokyo who will ________ in bed’. (This writer’s favourites including: “Behave like a cat!”, “Share the loneliness…”, “At least do some of the work!” and “Play Nintendo 3DS.”)

tokyo sex survey research

Last but certainly not least of all, the article sets you up with some of Tokyo’s favourite pick-up lines, lest you find yourself in the great city and in need of some sexual healing.

Lines submitted by English-speaking respondents tended towards the simpler end of the scale: “Have you ever kissed a foreigner?”, “I want to drink miso soup with you”, “It’s my first night in Tokyo…”, “Wanna get out of here and fuck?”) while those provided by Japanese speakers ran the gamut between highly elaborate offerings (“Are you the princess I’ve been waiting for all this time?”) and desperate begging (“Are you lonely? I’m lonely. Let’s be together.”

Whatever strategy you go with, however, take note that if you’re a foreigner the odds remain slightly stacked against you — only 36% could claim to have experienced “interracial sex activities”. Need help beating the numbers? An implement or three from the ever-reliable Kanojo Toys could go a long way towards sealing that deal. Just saying.

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