The Top Sexiest Haafu Half-Japanese Idols

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Sometimes it seems that every TV show and every advertisement in Japan features a haafu (half-Japanese, half something else person).

Well, yes, but a lot of these are fairly banal, plain people whose only real talent is having slightly larger eyes and more ambiguous skin. However, I want to introduce you to the haafu who put the “sex” back into “sexy”.

Drum roll please. We now present The Top Sexiest Haafu Ladies!

Melody Yoko (b. 1988)
Half Irish American. Not sure if she is a model, actress, singer or what. But she looks damned fine.

yoko melody sexy

yoko melody sexy

yoko melody sexy

yoko melody sexy

Erika Sawajiri (b. 1986)
The most mis-behaved celebrity and stuck-up lady in the land.

erika sawajiri sexy

Maria Ozawa (b. 1986)
The top porn star in Japan. Half Canadian. She has her own masturbator. Need we say more?

maria ozawa sexy

maria ozawa sexy

Jun Hasegawa (b. 1986)
Born in America and her pa is an Indian American (not American Indian, if you see what I mean).

jun hasegawa sexy

Jessica Michibata (b. 1984)
Half-Argentinian and girlfriend of a F1 driver. Lucky bastard. The good news is she has sisters.

jessica michibata sexy

jessica michibata sexy

Crystal Takigawa (b. 1977)
The thinking man’s crumpet.

Meisa Kuroki (b. 1988)
Half Okinawan, half Brazilian South American something: Meisa has a dark streak that we love.

meisa kuroki sexy

meisa kuroki sexy

meisa kuroki sexy

meisa kuroki sexy

Kiko Mizuhara (b. 1990)
Not sure if she qualifies as haafu as her parents are America and Korean-Japanese (Zainichi), Kiko has lived in Japan much of her life and we aren’t complaining!

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  1. Meisa Kuroki is actually half-Panamanian, though was mistakenly called half-Brazilian by some Japanese media early in her career. Btw, the blond model with Kiko in the black and white photo is US model Dora Yoder.

    Comment by Robert — November 28, 2011 #

  2. So if a haafu plays with herself, can the footage be posted on

    Comment by polemon — November 29, 2011 #

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  7. Just watching crows zero. Melissa Kuroki is fucking hot! Are there any real naked shots of her anywhere??. Please

    Comment by George — April 22, 2014 #

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