The Shorter They Stand, The Harder They Come

Written by: Taro on July 1, 2009 at 4:18 am | In Erotic Japan Blog | Discuss »

Tall girls have it twice as hard in Japan: men their height are rare, and according to the new hit book “Sex and Science’s Curious Relationship,” (a translation of Mary Roach’s “Bonk”) they have a harder time getting off during sex, too. Japanese researchers have discovered a high correlation between orgasm ability and the distance between the clitoris and vaginal opening. Because this distance scales with height, the taller a girl is, the more trouble she has reaching orgasm.

Risa Koizumi from the anime series \"Lovely Complex\"
(Picture from Black Tokyo)

The book is a lot of fun, covering everything from orgasms to impotence to the history of the science of sex. Japanese version here, and English original here.


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