Tenga offers free masturbation toy, condoms to young voters in House of Councillors election

Who says politics is boring? Politics encourages you to masturbate!

Yes, you read that right.

Tenga is never one to miss a marketing opportunity. Previous gimmicks include an advertising contest, a business card holder, and a beach cleanup event.

This weekend it’s the House of Councillors election in Japan and it’s special because it’s the first time that 18- and 19-year-olds can vote.

To encourage the newly enfranchised youngsters to head to the voting booth on July 10th, Tenga is giving away 100 Pocket Tenga sex toys, which is probably the brand’s most convenient way to jack off.

To enter the competition, just tweet your photo of your completed voting certificate with the hashtag #投票行ってTENGAゲット.

tenga pocket condom free young voters japan election house of councillors

You have to be 18 or 19 years old, though. Tenga will also ask for a photo of your ID.

If you were born after April 2nd, 1997, then you get Tenga Condoms, rather then the Pocket Tenga. The logic seems to be that high schoolers should only masturbate, while graduates get to have sex (safely).

Tenga’s reticence to encourage high schoolers to have sex may have something to do with the recent case of the male high school student who was expelled for having sex.

Was there ever been a better reason to head to the voting booth on July 10th? Perhaps the opposition parties should start offering free sex toys to encourage young supporters.

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