Japanese seniors get down and dirty at love hotels

Love hotels. Sites for naughty sex between adulterous couples, couples who still live at home, and of course plenty of liaisons with prostitutes too.

A little known fact is that one in four occupants of a love hotel is now said to be over 65, and the love hotels are adapting to these seniors.

With the Baby Boomer generation hitting retirement, seniors mean big business for everyone.

Seniors, though, naturally like to take things easily, so many hotels are offering longer versions of the so-called two or three-hour “rest” periods, so seniors can get the daytime cheap rate at their own pace.

japan senior aging society

Also, love hotels, like ones in Asakusa, are changing rooms over to Japanese-style interiors, as well as adding handrails and other universal design additions, and offering special food menus and items that are more traditional (there is almost always food that can be ordered at a love hotel).

Hell, even the background music is being switched over to ballads and songs popular from the Showa period, and with films like the Roman Porno series available to watch.

So, next time you spot an older-looking couple, don’t be surprised. And when you find yourself in a room piping hits from the Sixties, consider that the previous occupants may have been up to some senior-style sex!


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