Japanese Panty Pillowcase lets you sleep on the crotch of Japanese girl every night

Japan, the land that prizes the wonders of soine — or snuggling up. So much so, in fact, that they had “cuddle cafes” in Akihabara and there are, somewhat inevitably, pillows and cushions made in the shape of girl’s laps. (If this sounds sexist, keep in mind there are cuddle services for women, too.)

There has been a crackdown on cuddle and snuggle joints of late, it seems, since they were seen as fronts for so-called JK businesses and JK reflexology places. In other words, they were employing underaged girls and possibly offering more than just snuggles.

But don’t worry: now you can sleep your precious head on the crotch of a Japanese girl every single night of the week.

Ligre has generously come up with Japanese Panty Pillowcase, a cover for your pillow that looks like a large pair of panties.

japanese panty pillowcase fetish adult stained

japanese panty pillowcase fetish adult stained

japanese panty pillowcase fetish adult stained

You no longer need an actual girl, just this pillowcase and a pillow.

The design — in white with cute pink trim and a little bow in the middle — is intended to replicate pretty typical underwear worn by young Japanese girls.

While it doesn’t come with a stain or smell per se, Ligre suggests that you simply use the pillowcase a lot without washing it, thereby adding aromas and realism to it as time goes by.

And if you are the kind of guy or gal who needs a smell immediately, then just use a spray from the more than ample selection of fetish items already out there.

Shocked? Amused? Excited? Novel as this is, we are not too surprised, since Ligre previously gave us the Chintama Mini Penis Panties, a mini pair of underwear for your glans and balls.

The Japanese Panty Pillowcase is available now from Kanojo Toys.

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