Man (62) and girlfriend (26) teach sex education to junior high school boys with real public sex

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Saitama police have arrested a couple, Naoki Konno (62) and his girlfriend, Chie Fujinami (26), for allegedly having sex in public in front of two junior high school students.

japan public sex roshutsu exhibitionism

The unlikely pair apparently had sex in a car park in front of a couple of male students on June 30th this year. They have admitted “showing” their sex to the 13- and 14-year old boys.

They approached the students on the street and invited them to the car park to watch them have sex, and even let them touch Fujinami’s breasts.

japan public sex roshutsu exhibitionism

Konno then made the fatal error of telling the boys his email address, presumably so he could arrange other viewing sessions.

kaoru mitsumune hot japanese model

Disgusting exhibitionism or the best sex education lesson of the boys’ lives?

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  1. exhibitionism is my strong suit. Reading this article gives me a boner!

    Comment by layhoma — November 30, 2012 #

  2. Oh, the poor boys were too innocent. They could’ve recorded the sex acts and then blackmailed the couple for videogames.

    Comment by Toxic Sludge — November 30, 2012 #

  3. @Toxic Sludge


    Comment by Tadashi Anahori — November 30, 2012 #

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