Guide to safe sex and STI testing in Tokyo

As we know, attitudes towards safe sex and sex education are somewhat lacking in Japan.

Condoms are merely for preventing pregnancies, that’s presuming the guys even stop to worry about that. Judging by how many shotgun weddings there are even among famous celebrities, it seems that “do first, think later” is often the rule after a few drinks and a trip to a love hotel.

What can you do to protect yourself? Well, condoms are a solution and a love hotel will always provide at least one for you.

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What about getting tested for STDs or STIs? After all, syphilis is on the rise and HIV is not nearly on the radar enough for straight men and women.

Tokyo Cheapo has written up a handy guide for STI testing in Tokyo.

The useful word to learn in Japanese is seibyou, which means venereal or sexually transmitted disease. Of course, these come in all shapes and sizes, including infections. Tokyo Cheapo includes a basic glossary of terms, too, so you will have some of the vocabulary you hopefully will never need but should learn just in case you do.

Probably most vitally for those in dire straits, the post also includes a list of current facilities where you can get free STI testing in Tokyo and even in English.

The writer makes the well-known point that condoms can feel on the small side here, though Japan does boast some of the thinnest condoms in the world. Luckily residents in Tokyo can still find larger condoms at certain stores and there are always online avenues to order in overseas brands like Durex.

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