AKB48’s Yuki Kashiwagi drinks suspicious white liquid

We’ve always known that the people behind AKB48 do not understand the meaning of bad taste, and here’s the latest demonstration. From Lolicon kiddy dancing to “hand-bras”, AKB48 continues to plumb the depths of the cringe-worthy.

yuki kashiwagi akb48 sexy idol model

AKB48 member Yuki Kashiwagi is filmed grating a yam to make totoro for no better reason that than it is an excuse to show incredibly gratuitous and infantile shots of her drinking what is suggested to be cum.

yuki kashiwagi akb48 tororo drink semen

Seriously, this is embarrassing to watch. They literally show close-ups of the idol’s mouth eating the white liquid — and yet, Yuki is forced to remain a virgin and never have boyfriends all the while she stays a member of AKB. (Although, Yuki does not seem to be obeying the rules about dating, at any rate.)

Come on! We love porn but don’t hide behind a facade of “innocence”. Just make a porno, for christ’s sake! We know that Yuki Kashiwagi is sexy, so why not go through with the real thing?

yuki kashiwagi akb48 sexy idol model

AKB48 is the perfect example of chuto hanpa, being halfway somewhere and thus nowhere.

yuki kashiwagi akb48 sexy idol model

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  • Jizz Man May 11, 2013

    Ewwwwww! Raw yam juice, sounds gross. Can’t they have used vanilla ice cream instead?

  • Shay February 5, 2018

    I think basically every single member of AKB48, past and present and future, should go into porn.

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