Kobe man hides in street drain grate to peep up at girls’ panties

Some people to go to ANY lengths to catch a glimpse of the holy grail, it seems.

Hyogo police have arrested a twenty-six-year-old company employee from Kobe for hiding in a 30-by-45-inch grate in the side of the road in order to spy on girls’ panties as they went by.

kobe man hide drain street peep girls skirts panties

Yasuomi Hirai has admitted his guilt.

Around 10am on June 5th, he was spotted at a grate opening in Kobe after having entered the roadside drain via a space twenty meters away.

kobe man hide drain street peep girls skirts panties

Nearby there is a girls’ college and girls’ high school, and many of the students would pass by. Hirai also lived nearby.

A twenty-four-year-old girl saw him and asked a man to help. Poor old Hirai was then a victim of his own cunning location — once he was there, it was hard for him to either escape or pretend he was doing something more innocent.

japan school girls students sexy panties skirts

Still, you have to commend him. He really went the extra mile for his fetish.

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