Count Machine Onahole measures your penetration

Megumi and my girlfriends know just how energetic I can get in bed. I really like to pump things up.

However, when it comes to actual exercise I’m a bit of a lazy bones. Is there any way to get physically fitter but in a way that involves sex?

Yes, there is! KanojoToys just told me about their brilliant Count Machine Onahole, a great realistic masturbator with a counter attached that measures how many times you penetrate!

The onahole is endorsed by one of my heroes, Hiroshi “Chocoball” Mukai. Hiroshi used to be a wrestler before he turned to an even more interesting career in porn.

Known for his outlandish sexual positions and endurance, Hiroshi set a record of 426 times in a minute using the Count Machine Onahole. Today I’m gonna devote my time to beating him!

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