Chinese cosplayer at Comiket 96 reduced to tears by crowd of upskirting men

As we know, Comiket is less about comics and more about cosplay. Specifically, female cosplayers.

Stars like Enako can attract huge crowds (and money).

But even lesser-known female cosplayers can pull in a strong audience, though, as one example from the recent Comiket 96 showed, this phenomenon can have unpleasant consequences if you are not prepared or don’t have adequate minders.

In a video that has since gone viral (nearly 4 million views as of writing), a Chinese cosplayer found herself on August 11th surrounded by a mob of men with cameras who refused to make space for her. Instead they thronged ever closer, intent on getting panchira shots of her panties under her skirt.

comiket 96 cosplayer upskirting panchira men crowd mob

Upskirting has become something of a tradition at events like Comiket and it’s one of the reasons you see guys with such big lenses on their cameras.

In this case, the men were asked to move back but did not comply. The situation became ugly and threatening for the Chinese cosplayer, known only as ALL, who started to cry. Despite her immense popularity (nearly 26,000 followers on Twitter), it seems she had no experience of this intense level of interest in her body.

Staff tried to intervene and announce the end of the photo session. ALL was reduced to sitting down and holding a notebook to cover her panties while men continued to snap away, oblivious to her distress.

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  • Chris. August 20, 2019

    These photographers behave like rotten bastard pigs!

  • Chris. August 20, 2019

    These who photographers behave this way, behave like rotten bastard pigs!

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