New voiced trailers for ultimate panchira game, Play Pan Pan

Back in November last year, we wrote with some excitement about the awesome Play Pan Pan game. This panchira-themed game seemed almost too good to be true. In fact, we initially assumed it was a kind of parody. After all, this is a game about saving the world from evil panties.

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Far from it, we are very pleased to see that it’s proved something of a viral hit and there are new trailers with voices below. The audio seems to be just Japanese (but this actually adds to the effect) but there are English subtitles.

We think the previous version was a demo and there is now a full release on Steam (and currently at a discount price, too).

As before, your aim is to “search for the enemy panties and kick their bad asses”.

Somehow we don’t think this will do wonders for Japan’s reputation among gamers. This is in spite of the comedy game not actually being Japanese in the first place (it’s Taiwanese).

So the question you have to ask yourself this Monday morning is: Do you want to be the “warrior of love” and fight these panties? As Yurika says, “Every panty should search for love by itself.” We have no idea what that really means but we are determined to make it our new mantra in life.

If you have a real panchira fetish, though, don’t come to this game expecting to get turned on. As the disclaimer says: “Warning! NO hentai contents in this game! All you get is funny and stupid panties!” Well, that’s good enough for us.

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