Virgin Killer Sweater spotted in the wild on Tokyo subway

Remember the Virgin Killer Sweater?

As we wrote before, this all-in-one, insanely revealing item of clothing shot to fame when it was modelled by Jun Amaki and quickly acquired the moniker of “virgin-killing” because it was so damned hot, a virgin would melt at the sight!

But this is the first time we’ve seen the Virgin Killer Sweater in the wild, so to speak, though sadly it wasn’t with our own eyes — though perhaps that’s for the best because we may not have been able to control ourselves.

It was spotted worn by a bold young lady sitting on the platform of the Mita Line of the Tokyo subway

virgin killer sweater public exposure nudity tokyo metro subway woman hot sexy

Here you can see the true wonders of the backless Virgin Killer Sweater. Incredibly, she is just being ignored and sits all by herself, despite the fact you can practically see her butt. Holy shit, guys, she’s not even wearing panties! This is practically roshutsu exhibitionism!

Perhaps it’s lucky this anonymous vixen was riding one of the more minor sections of the Tokyo subway network. If she was in the heart of Shibuya she would probably be mobbed by admirers!

jun amaki virgin killer sweater japan hot clothing nudity

The Virgin Killer Sweater is now available on Kanojo Toys.

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