Tomeko Idol Onahole for all your Japanese anime girl needs

We’ve been having lots of fun with masturbators based on sexy Japanese anime girls recently.

Here’s another super example, the Tomeko Idol, a “virtual onahole with superbody feeling”!

tomeko idol onahole anime girl masturbator

It’s based on the anime mascot of an adult toys series and is made from Yawahada, a new material that is odor-free and long-lasting. Just imagine pushing yourself slowly into a cute Harajuku girl with silly cat ears.

japanese girl cosplay cat ear neko mimi hot

tomeko idol onahole anime girl masturbator

Here’s how KanojoToys describe it:

The gaping lips-style entrance tightens to a long and narrow nub-lined passage, finishing in an air pocket vacuum that will put pressure and pleasure on your head as you plug and pump away. Tomeko herself is a cute but busty eighteen year old Tokyo office lady and idol, ripe for all your anime fantasies.

And Tomeko feels as good she sounds…

tomeko idol onahole anime girl masturbator

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