Tenga launches healthcare corporation to pursue medical benefits of sex toys

Tenga isn’t just for self-pleasure. It’s also for healthcare.

Tenga products now sold in over 40 countries worldwide. How far they have come in the ten years since they launched the Tenga Egg on us.

But Tenga isn’t resting on its laurels. In addition to starting lines for women and couples such as the Iroha vibrators, it has also started a healthcare business.

Tenga Healthcare opened at the end of last November in Ota ward, Tokyo, as a new legal body aiming to provide sex education, healthcare and information services.

Tenga products can be used to provide relief for people who are unable to enjoy intercourse in the “regular” way, including the disabled.

tenga healthcare erectile dysfunction treatment

Its sex toys can also help with rehabilitation of sexual organs affected by prostate cancer or other illnesses, or treat erectile dysfunction. Rather than using drugs, sex toys are a safer and healthier way to tackle this problem. After all, there are no side effects to using a Tenga Egg!

Onacups and their like are also convenient ways to “train” men who suffer from premature ejaculation or difficulty ejaculatinng during intercourse (often because they have become too used to ejaculation through masturbation).

Tenga Healthcare is housed in BIC Asahi, a new facility in Ota inside a former elementary school.

The recently released Tenga Loupe, which allows you to examine the condition of your semen (through your phone camera!), is an example of the kinds of future products a more healthcare-conscious Tenga may produce soon. It was actually developed with help from a medical professional from Dokkyo Medical University.

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