SDN48 declares sexy war on K-Pop in Japan

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The battle of the Asian girl groups has reached a new level.

The relatively newly formed SDN48, who are considered to be the bit older and sexier counterpart to AKB48, have recently armed themselves against sexy K-Pop group KARA.

sexy SDN48 idols japan

According to Zakzak in Japan, SDN48 has employed a Korean song writer and added “Korean-esque” lyrics to their songs to battle the threat that is the K-Pop boom in Japan at the moment. Lyrics aside, the sexiness levels of both SDN48 and KARA is quite high, but as far as the Japanese public is concerned, KARA and their sexy hip dance is winning.

Can SDN48 move out to the front of the girl group war with their gibberish song “Gagaga”? Will KARA continue to dominate with their young round behinds? Do any of us care so long as there are loads of barely legal sexy Asian girls dancing around in costumes that we could only dream about?


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Korean government: K-Pop groups are “Too Sexy”

Written by: Tadashi Anahori on November 5, 2010 at 6:01 pm | In Erotic Asia Blog | Discuss (3) »

We have been quite happy with the current flow of sexy South Korean girl groups that have been appearing here in Japan as of late, but the South Korean government seems to think they are going over board in the sexiness category.

Korea has long stuck by the Confucian ideal of showing no cleavage and no mid drifts in the media. Since the K-Pop boom has come to Japan, these principals are coming into question. Some of the big offenders, by Korean standards, are Girls Generation who have become famous for their legendary sexy legs, Brown Eyed Girl which, has a higher average age than most K-Pop groups in Japan, has become famous for their playful ass shaking, and they young group KARA who did some racy ass shaking of their own in the music video “Mister”.

Here’s the version of KARA’s “Mister” that has recently appeared on Japanese television in Japanese.

According to Cyzo the Korean parliament has been questioning the sexiness of these groups as of late due to their popularity in Japan. Some would argue that since they are not in Korea the rules do not apply, but the Korean government is saying that is not the case. Whether in Korea or Japan they, the image they are projecting is not one the Korean parliament condones.

Laws have been changed in the last few years, prohibiting under aged women from being seen as sexy symbols. The age was changed from 12 to 15. Many Koreans don’t think that is enough, and that the age should be higher. The restrictions, as far as show business is concerned, include sexy costumes, lyrics and dancing. Seeing as Japan as long been known for allowing much younger women to be seen as sex symbols, some in Korea believe that the K-Pop groups are being coerced into changing their image for the Japanese public. One of the main cases in point is a member of KARA who is still underage according to Korean law. A source was stated as saying that if it is found that the girls were coerced to change, it could even become a matter of child abuse punishable by law.

Having standards in show business is all well and good, but why did these questions come up once the sexy ladies from Korea appeared in Japan. If you take a look at any videos from before the K-Pop boom in Japan, they are doing the exact same thing. Girls Generation still show off their long sexy legs and KARA does the exact same ass shaking tantalizing they are doing in Japan.

So I guess the question is whether or not the Koreans are just trying to pin the bad influence of sex on Japan or if they are just embarrassed at the image the girls are creating over seas. A case of something that’s ok to do at home, but embarrassing to do the neighbor’s house. For the record, I have no problem with them doing it over at my house.

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Sex Appeal: Korea vs. Japan

Written by: Tadashi Anahori on October 19, 2010 at 2:31 pm | In Erotic Asia Blog, Erotic Japan Blog | Discuss (5) »

There has been a lot of talk about the pop idol rivalry between Korea and Japan as of late, but this is not a recent rivalry. The two countries have been in competition with each other for generations. This time we’d like to have a look at the most important of those rivalries, which country’s ladies are hotter?

korea girls vs japanese girls

The idea for this post came to me while I was in Seoul this last weekend watching all the lovely Korean ladies and their legs strolling by. Now that I have been to both countries, been with women from both countries (that’s actually true!) and watch lots of Asian porn, I am the perfect person to finally answer this question.

One of the most visible parts of the rivalry is the current Japan v. Korea pop idol competition that is currently taking place right here on Japanese soil. While AKB48 has the appeal of a huge cast of ladies and the cuteness factor, this victory would have to go to the much more talented and much sexier Girls Generation. Quality over quantity. Korea 1 — Japan 0

girls generation korean sexy pop idols

For those of us who watch enough porn to rate it subjectively (what, just me?) the huge bush in Asian porn is usually a bit of a shocker for many westerners. The real question is whether that is true in real life or not. The answer ladies and gentlemen is yes. As far as I can tell it’s not just a Japanese thing or a Korean thing for those of you not lucky enough to have experience with both. I have asked multiple Japanese ladies and they say that they don’t want their parts to be seen by anyone whether it be a doctor or their lover. No points will (or should) be awarded in this round.

kirara asuka asian hairy bush

The part of this little competition that I hold nearest and dearest to my heart is the everyday ladies on the street. Having just returned from major cities in both countries, namely Osaka and Seoul, I’m pretty sure I got a very good sample from each. I also think this is the most important part of the competition due to the fact that it’s these ladies that we see on a daily basis, talk to and ultimately try to sleep with. Without going into too much detail, Korean ladies are nice to look at but don’t nearly put the effort into everyday flaunting as Japanese ladies do.

sexy japanese girl gal shibuya

One thing that I realized the most in Korea was the lack of flashy clothes and the number of young women (the majority) who were wearing sneakers. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but they were just a lot more laid back. As soon as I got to Osaka, the difference was clear cut and leaning heavily in Japan’s favor. There is an air about Japanese women on the street that the Korean girls just didn’t seem to have where I was. This round goes to Japan in every way. Korea 1 — Japan 1

At this point, we’ve come to a standstill at 1-1. I guess I’m going to have to investigate this more in depth and keep the competition up to date as new things come to light. That’s going to be extremely hard considering two of my main interests are Asian girls and sex.


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Girls Generation land in Japan

Written by: Tadashi Anahori on September 13, 2010 at 1:33 pm | In Erotic Asia Blog, Erotic Japan Blog | Discuss »

They’re sexy. They’re slinky. They’ve got thin legs. Korean girl band sensation Girls Generation (known here as Shoujo Jidai) are now trying to make it big in Japan.

Hence why you might have seen this poster everywhere in Tokyo! Let’s give these girls our support!


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