Sleep on a girl’s ass for 1 minute (for $10)

Remember how last year we blogged about Soine-ya, the awesome bed-sharing place in Akihabara?

It’s a kind of logical mix of enjo kosai (compensated dating) and maid cafes, allowing you to snuggle up and “sleep” (but nothing more) with cute young girls.

soineya shinjuku sleep cafe japan

They have now opened a new second place in Shinjuku and also offer a new service!

soine-ya akihabara bed share cuddle sleep ass service

Now you can doze on a lady’s butt for the pricey sum of ¥1,000 per minute. That’s something like $11 for 60 seconds!

Not sure how much shut-eye I could get knowing my wallet was being emptied in such a way, but I guess it’s more the feeling you get on the back of your head rather than any actual genuine forty winks that is the attraction for patrons.

soineya akihabara sleep cafe

In terms of pure cash, you could get the whole wack or any number of halfway point services for much, much cheaper — especially in areas like Akiba or Shinjuku.

japanese ass sexy

But as we always tell people, the appeal for this kind of thing is not simply sex. Sure, if you wanted to get your rocks off, you’d go about in a more logical way. There are more sensitive and ambiguous sexual (or is it even definable just as “sexual”?) leanings out there.

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