Smell fetish opens up fragrant future possibilities for adult virtual reality in Japan

The adult industry in Japan is giddy right now about the possibilities for virtual reality.

We have already seen lots of events and ideas emerge, though no major releases yet.

The potential for sex toys and dolls combined with virtual reality headsets is obvious and not actually so new.

But what about smell fetish? As we know, this is huge in Japan, from smell bottles to used panties and more.

Well, this side of the industry is not getting ignored by the adult VR boom. A tech startup called VAQSO is currently developing an adult virtual reality system that uses an accessory device attached to the bottom of headsets such as the PlayStation VR or Oculus Rift. The wireless device will release scents and aromas during certain stages of the game.

virtual reality smell japan adult fetish

virtual reality smell japan adult fetish

Naturally this opens up all kinds of opportunities for smell fetish-themed software and content. From pee smell to crotches, genitalia, armpits and more… The variations are endless!

For example, imagine how you could enhance this virtual reality omorashi “wet yourself” device with an aroma or two?

Overseas we have already seen some similar developments, like the Nosulus Rift or Feelreal multi-sensory masks for VR hardware. Still, we imagine the Japanese will add their own unique “touches” to the concept.

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