Shocking footage of old man putting pubic hair on sleeping schoolgirl on train in Japan

Imagine you are riding the train home. You feel a little sleepy. Perhaps you drop off. This is common in Japan. Public transport is full of dozing passengers, young and old. You feel safe.

But what you don’t expect is for an old man next to you to unzip himself, reach into his groin, pluck or otherwise extract a pubic hair or two, and then casually flick his “gift” onto your head.

It sounds too disgusting to be true, but sadly this is what happened.


After performing his deed on the unsuspecting junior high school girl beside him, the man tried to pretend he was merely adjusting his eyebrows and hair (on his head, that is, not the pubic stuff he had actually been touching). He then reaches back into his crotch — holding a drink bottle in between his legs in the belief that this will conceal his activities — to pluck another strand of pubic hair and once again bestow it on the young girl next to him. He even inspects her hair to see where if his pubes are still lingering on her.

Unfortunately for him, the person opposite must have noticed he was acting strange and filmed the whole exchange with their phone. This was found by someone and then shared (by someone else, it seems) on Twitter on September 16th for the world to see. The man has yet to be identified and arrested, as of writing, but surely it is only a matter of time. (Or are we being optimistic? This has gone viral, yes, but there’s not indication the cops are investigating.)

This is obviously an extreme case but sometimes strange things do happen on public transport in Japan. Internationally it may have a reputation for punctuality and immaculate service, but there is a darker side. Chikan (groping) is rampant, so much so that they have women-only carriages. There was the case of the Italian kisser (a Brazilian was recently acquitted of a similar crime)

Women who are sleeping are often targets. We previously reported on the case of a schoolgirl whose skirt was cut while she slept. You might even wake to find yourself a prisoner in a stranger’s apartment.

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