Sexy sisters aim to personally please you

Ever dreamed of a 3-way with two sexy sisters who want nothing more than to give you pleasure? I almost had it once, but that was years ago and I blew it by getting too excited too quickly (true story). So, when we spotted these new onaholes from Toy’s Heart I couldn’t help but think back and smack myself on the forehead.

The Sexy Sister Series has both the older and younger sisters in versions that aim to recreate the real thing.

sexy sisters onahole 2

The Innocent Younger Sister (right side) is tight and full of nubs to grab you in all new ways, but the Sexy Older Sister is more bent on experience. Her hole swirls more than grabs, intent on bringing you over the edge much more subtly.

sexy sisters onahole 1

Both, however, are amazing, and are made of Safeskin, which means that they’re extremely soft and perfect for sensitive skin. You can find these lovely sisters and many more in the KanojoToys online shop.

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