Government spokeswoman: Japan should ban abortions

What is the solution to Japan’s declining birth rate?

Banning abortions.

That’s according to Seiko Noda, a spokeswoman for the governing Liberal Democrat Party.

There are said to be two hundred thousand abortions per year in Japan

seiko noda japan politician

Noda, who is divorced from another LDP politician and famously gave birth at the age of fifty after receiving donor eggs in America (this is not possible in Japan), married again recently to a man who used to run an adult website. The man changed his name to Noda’s to preserve her family name, so we can guess who calls the shots in their relationship.

Dekikekkon “shotgun weddings” are part and parcel of life in Japan, especially for celebrities it seems. Numerous famous models, singers and actresses have openly got married only after they discovered that having sex without contraception does indeed lead to pregnancy. (Sex education is quite poor in Japan, as is condom usage.)

Rather than aborting, Seiko Noda says, careless Japanese couples should be giving the babies up for adoption.

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  • Wankin Jack February 27, 2013

    Japan should ban pornography like Iceland is proposing to do. All that wasted sperm! Just the buckets of bukkake sperm shot on the JAV’s stars faces could produce millions of new babies.

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) March 1, 2013

    @Wankin Jack

    The day Japan bans pornography is the day I leave the country!

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