Private “sexy yoga” lessons with former gravure idols scandal hits education minister

The Education Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi has apologized for using an official car to pay visits to a “sexy yoga” studio.

It follows a sexual harassment scandal involving a leading bureaucrat in the finance ministry, who was recently forced to resign after audio emerged of him asking to hug and touch the breasts of a female newspaper reporter.

The tabloids have gleefully parsed the details of this new transgression, such as the private oil massage Hayashi received from the yoga instructor. Was there also a bit of rub and tug?!

yuko shoji japan sexy yoga studio scandal gravure

We, on the other hand, are more intrigued by the instructors. Positive Star Yoga in Ebisu, Tokyo, is managed by Yuko Shoji, a former gravure idol (not a former adult video idol, as Shukan Bunshun claimed) and thus serves as another informative example of what glamor models in Japan do after the gigs dry up and they get a little older (and, no doubt, wiser).

Previous examples we have covered include Yuuki Ota, now an enamel artisan, Yuka Kosaka, who now runs a nursery, and even at least a couple of models who went on to become famous politicians.

Shoji has run Positive Star Yoga for eight years. The official website lists dozens of female instructors and there is also a branch in Osaka.

yuko shoji japan sexy yoga studio scandal gravure

At Positive Star Yoga, students receive private yoga lessons and oil massages in private rooms for the princely sum of ¥11,000 per hour. Many of the instructors are apparently former gravure idols, who communicate with their customers via Line and meet patrons for meals. In effect, it is kind of like a yoga studio that combines the appeal of a hostess club.

Yuko Shoji, however, has refuted such a description, along with the claim that she is a former porn star. That may well be the case, but Shoji has definitely done nude photo shoots as well as released nude “image videos.” Some of these have a yoga theme.

yuko shoji gravure model idol nude naked japanese yoga instructor sexy

yuko shoji gravure model idol nude naked japanese yoga instructor sexy

yuko shoji gravure model idol nude naked japanese yoga instructor sexy

So if you want to learn yoga in a private setting with a genuine former gravure idol, you now know where to go!

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  • Jason May 1, 2018

    Thank you Tokyo Kinky for always giving the most up to date news on the P4P scene. You absolutely keep my days entertaining and have saved much a penny here and there. I was wondering if you have a hands-on report for this place. Do they offer HE’s by any chance in addition to the massage.

    Would love to hear your input

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) May 1, 2018


    Glad to hear we are providing useful information. There’s a few rumors swirling around this joint but nothing confirmed. We know that one media outlet at least actually retracted its initial story that called it a brothel (fuzoku) and issued an apology. It looks a little too mainstream to offer real P4P options, though who knows what goes on after those dinner dates? Regardless, given the intense media attention it has received, we wouldn’t be surprised if it closed down, at least temporarily.

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