Playing doctors and nurses with anal syringe lube

I love to dress up and I especially love to dress up as a sexy nurse. Administering injections and all sorts of goodies down there and up there… there’s nothing like a good power trip to get me horny.

sexy japanese nurse

Now comes a great new toy from Kanojo Toys for carrying out your medical inspection! The Medical Gel Set is an anal lubricant in the form of a large syringe that will aid you to get right inside where you want to lube up.

Whether you want things placed deep inside your prostate — or if you prefer being the one doing the insertion, be satisfied with dry holes no more with this handy tool!

I tried it out on Taro and he was so lubed up my fingers and anal dildos just slid in like they were coated in honey! Of course, I then made him return the favor :)


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