Otome romance games for women at Tokyo Game Show 2016

Virtual dating has long been a big part of the adult industry or quasi-adult industry in Japan.

What with all the reports of sexless Japan and “parasite singles” still living with their parents well into their thirties, you might almost be forgiven for thinking that “virtual boyfriends” apps and digital idols were responsible for the downfall of the nation.

There were more examples at Tokyo Game Show 2016 that will surely not do much for Japan’s reputation in this regard.

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The show featured an array of otome romance apps for ladies to find that Prince Charming in 2D form.

One developer even resorted to a virtual reality gimmick — as we saw, the big theme of TGS 2016 — where women could wear a headset to experience an “isu-don” (chair slam). The idea is that women want a man who will slam his hands down on the arms of your chair to trap you before moving in for the clincher.

If you are curious, check out Okko Sweet Romance. It’s free!

And if you like your men in bookworm form, try Bungo to Arukemisuto (The Literary Master and the Alchemist), which is an upcoming DMM browser game. Of course, it’s an otome game so the scholarly male characters are on the tender side…

If you are more into historically themed romance, check out the otome games by Voltage like Era of Samurai: Code of Love.

“Join the ranks of the Shinsengumi warriors and experience a love so passionate, it will alter an era…”

Hmm… Well, it’s surely better than wasting your money on konkatsu services, right?

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