Osaka man is violent serial panty thief

Good ol’ Osaka, ever the dirtier, less noble metropolis compared to Tokyo.

Remember this is the city that gave Japan the cup of instant noodles AND no-panties cafes!

Take the case of a certain Mr. Yamaoka, a simple 37-year old guy who just happens to have an addictive fetish for stealing women’s panties.

Yes, what could be wrong with that? Well, a lot actually, especially when you are going around literally ripping the underwear off girls.

kokone sasaki sexy ass

He would go after anyone, even people just walking along the street on their way home.

He was eventually arrested in November for snatching the panties off a girl in her teens. He may even be behind all of the thirty such panty-snatching incidents in south Osaka since October 2010.

Come on, don’t you know there are legal ways to get your hands on used panties?

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