One Touch Condoms save roll-on time and hassle (video)

Is your girlfriend so afraid of your penis that she doesn’t even want to touch it with her hands when putting a condom on you? Perhaps you’re a sex worker who wants to maximize your time when every second counts? Well, perhaps the One Touch Condom is for you!

With a super easy slide strip that rolls it right on, you’ll never have to touch a penis again before putting it in your mouth, manko, or ass. Plus, it shaves at least 3 seconds off of the old-fashioned roll-on condom time, so you’ll save plenty of time for the next guy. Progress!

As the video shows, you can put a condom on six cocks in mere SECONDS! Don’t let the passion of your gangbang get disrupted by fiddling with condoms. Now you can have all the dick you want with none of the hassle!

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