Okamoto Condom Training Camp helps improve the way you wear protection

Japanese condom makers love to do fun stuff like create fun concept products and do serious research into sexual habits.

All this and also producing arguably the thinnest condoms known to man (we say arguably, because there are Chinese challengers).

Well, we would now like to invite you to the Okamoto Condom Training Camp — ostensibly presented by the titular condom maker responsible for a 0.01mm condom for the benefit of all condom users out there (not so many in Japan, it seems, given the high number of shotgun weddings).

okamoto condom training camp

okamoto condom training camp

okamoto condom training camp

The bizarre promotional video purports to “train” you to wear condoms, all while getting turned on by hot girls. The exercise moves in the routine include how to hold the condom up and then open the packet more smoothly as well as how to make it glide over your erect member better. Just don’t hold up a condom by someone other than Okamoto or the trainer will knock you down!

All right, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that this is a parody — Billy’s Bootcamp comes to mind, ironically Billy Blanks is these days based in Japan — but as marketing goes, this has viral written all over it.

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