Okamoto condoms ad educates about safe sex, dinosaur-style

We’ve written before about Japan’s amazing condom brands that go to great lengths to market their products in original ways. They have to do this since Japanese people — if we believe the media and the surveys — are either not interested in sex or, if they are, don’t bother with contraception, leading to rising STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

And so we get the Durex “horror movie” or the annual “Condom Day” stunt.

Okamoto, the makers of the world’s thinnest condom, have created this new ad for their products, using a lot of CGI.

It starts with two dinosaurs roaring. But if you think you’re watching a bad sequel to the Jurassic Park franchise, think again.

okamoto japan condom dinosaur sex commercial advert

These dinosaurs are humping and having a good time.

That is, until the female dino realizes her partner isn’t wearing protection. Then she gets angry. Watch and learn.

Okamoto is on something of a marketing high right now. It recently aired its first TV ad in 11 years and is pushing its lineup hard (no pun intended).

The same Okamoto campaign (called Lovers Labo) promises more concept products, including a “condom belt”. We’ll update when more details emerge.

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