Entries for Miss Korea 2013 contest all look the same

Finally do we have proof that plastic surgery has gone too far in Korea?

Right now the Japanese internet is enjoying just such a gloat as they peruse the entries for Miss Korea.

miss korea 2013 entry look same plastic surgery

Why? Because the ladies look so similar it is virtually impossible to tell them apart unless you look at the Hangul names.

miss korea 2013 entry look same plastic surgery

It’s no secret that plastic surgery is rampant in Korea — as opposed to Japan, where it is common in the celebrity world but kept an open secret — but does this mean that everyone starts to look the same, with the same kind of generic beauty?

miss korea 2013 entry look same plastic surgery

The girls look lovely but give us a true Korean beauty any day!

miss korea 2013 entry look same plastic surgery

Let’s hope the judging panel for Miss Korea 2013 are paying close attention to who is who!

miss korea 2013 entry look same plastic surgery

miss korea 2013 entry look same plastic surgery

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  • kim April 26, 2013

    I think they were inspired by 2012 winner of Miss Korea, that considered prettiest Miss Korea ever, but then she’d admitted she got her eyes and nose done in Korean Variety show Strong Heart after her old photos uploaded into internet.

  • Seras April 28, 2013

    I prefer the truer beauty of the Korean woman (I did date a Korean chick once, one of the prettiest cuties I’ve ever dated) but they have become so obsessed with cosmetic surgery which makes most of them ending with the same facial expressions. -_-

  • nelsontl69 April 29, 2013

    I don’t think plastic surgery is the main culprit here although it does have the tendency to make people, even from different races, look similar. If you’ve ever been to Korea, you’ll notice that a lot of Koreans do look alike even without plastic surgery. I guess it has something to do with a limited gene pool since most traditional Koreans are hesitant of interbreeding with other nationalities. Add plastic surgery to that equation and the end results are women who are pretty but indistinguishable from one another.

  • Gattaca Guy April 30, 2013

    The terrifying truth is that the Koreans have perfected CLONING!!!!! By the way, where can I buy one?

  • funny September 21, 2013

    I was in Korea earlier this year, this news became controversy in Asian but truth was most of them didn’t done plastic surgery as when they appeared on TV show without makeups. This news was spread by some Taiwanese/HK media but as we know Chinese make up stories. As East Asian myself, I don’t find them lookalike.

  • temptemp June 3, 2015

    Well we’ve always said in the West that they all look alike. (Sorry.)

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