Fashion model Maki Nishiyama does not use condoms, gets married

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Another day, another celebrity lady bites the dust.

Despite having split up with her boyfriend in January, popular fashion model Maki Nishiyama has announced that she is five months pregnant.

maki nishiyama hot model japan pregnant married

After a few days of will-they-won’t-they, she and her actor ex-boyfriend Taichi Saotome have not only got back together, but are getting married.

Perhaps she announced the pregnancy to put pressure on him to do the honorable thing?

maki nishiyama hot model japan pregnant married

Still, this is another case of dekikkon, proving that even famous girls are not the kind to say not to a man who doesn’t like to use condoms — and unfortunately has poor timing when it comes to pulling out.

maki nishiyama hot model japan pregnant married

Saying that, the twenty-seven-year-old did manage to bag herself a much younger man. Taichi Saotome is just twenty-one, so perhaps it’s no surprise he was a bit inexperienced with his technique — plus understandably hesitant to tie himself down so early in life!

maki nishiyama hot model japan pregnant married

Taichi Saotome is also famous for acting as a woman. Yes, perhaps Maki is a lesbian? He acts in a form of Kabuki and has starred in some films, such as Takeshi Kitano’s Zatoichi.

maki nishiyama hot model japan pregnant married

So, no more Maki Nishiyama on the front of magazines. Maki, you were lovely while you lasted. We salute you!

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  1. Wow! She’s so hot even a condom won’t hold back my load! I’ll blast right through that barrier! The heat alone will melt the rubber right off my dick! The lucky guy marrying at 21? Don’t think it will last. Pretty lady wasted on unappreciative kid.

    Comment by Jealous Guy — April 20, 2013 #

  2. Damn, Taichi does look very feminine too. I wouldn’t mind getting tangled into a ménage à trois with this hot couple (of course with Saotome-san full into his role as a woman).

    As for Maki, why one’d want to nail that hot chick with a condom on? I totally understand Taichi preferring to hit that juicy pussy with his naked manhood.

    Comment by Seras — April 21, 2013 #

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