Leftover Bathwater Drink offers fetishists the perfect way to quench their thirst

Bathing and fetish cultures are both big in Japan, so why not combine the two?

It’s a question that people have no doubt asked at some time, but now some boffin has gone ahead and figured out a way to answer it. Don’t believe us? Behold the results.

Available in male and female versions, the Leftover Bathwater Drink is for anyone with a hankering for the used water left behind after a special someone has finished their ablutions.

The Leftover Bathwater Drink comes courtesy of the “brilliant” boffins at cult novelty store Village Vanguard, who also produced the panties eye mask we blogged about earlier this week and which has proved quite the viral sensation.

village vanguard japan used bathwater fetish drink

village vanguard japan used bathwater fetish drink

Imagine all the dirt, minute bodily excretions, skin cells and more that have mingled with the bath water. Now imagine that condensed into a “drink” for someone to gulp down and enjoy. This should be a very acquired taste, but Village Vanguard has tried to make it available for anyone who likes a funny idea. We can’t vouch for what it tastes like, though we suspect it’s not too strong.

All right, truth be told: this is essentially 350ml of mineral water with some kind of twist (presumably the taste or odor is at least a little different), but we love these mainstream appropriations of fetish culture.

If you are so inclined, the Leftover Bathwater Drink is now available from Japan Trend Shop.

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