Kiss hot Japanese idols with Zima bottle lips

If you buy a bottle of Zima you can kiss a Japanese idol…for free!

The idol world has been rocked of late by scandals involving prostitution allegations and perhaps this is only a step away.

The campaign “KISS A-ZIMA: Zima’s taste is kissing taste” attaches silicone casts of celebrity lips with each bottle of Zima.


Stick the lips onto the neck of the bottle — you can feel like you are smooching your favorite idol! You might look a bit foolish doing this in a bar so I recommend you get one from a store and take it home!

For the guys out there who bend both ways there are two male lips, but we suspect that you will all be going for Aya Kiguchi, Yukina Kinoshita or Yu Tejima. These lovely ladies (pictured below) will be well known to any fan of Gravure or Japanese girls in bikinis. Nice choice, Zima!

aya-kiguchi[Image source.]

You will know how partial I am to girl-on-girl action too so I tried out Aya. Wow! She has some thick, luscious lips that could be put to good use. Taro went for Yu Tejima and I just liked watching him getting down with his drink bottle…

yukina-kinoshita-yu-tejima-idol[Images source here and here.]

The campaign seems to be currently running so get out to your local liquor store right now. Forget trying to drink the Zima, just get kissing!

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