Kaori Matsumura of SKE48 tells of cum-laced stuff animal toy gifts from fans

In addition to buying up all the CDs and merchandise they can get their hands on, otaku fans like to send their favorite idols various personal gifts, from handmade art to flowers and toys.

Given that the line between fans and stalkers is quite thin sometimes, the idols and their management agencies need to take precautions.

The meet-and-greet sessions, for example, at one time became notorious because fans were allegedly masturbating and leaving their spunk on their hands for idols to touch by accident. They called it the “semen handshake”. Yes, nice to meet you indeed!

Now Kaori Matsumura of SKE48 has revealed another unpleasant side to her job. The Nagoya AKB48 sister group idol recently shared how she gets stuffed animals from fans. She has to take care that there are no audio or visual recording devices hidden inside. Fans might place microphones or cameras in the toys in the hope of recording something secret.

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To check, she said she hits the toys a few times so that any electronic device would be damaged. However, this means she has to touch the toys — and sometimes they are not new or clean, it seems.

In fact, she says that some creepy fans apparently ejaculate onto the toys and then send the jizz-laced items to her.

“Sometimes the stuffed animals have stains on them… Like, whitish-colored stains.”

Oh, the joy of being a music idol and the gift of free cum-stained stuffed animals. Such perks. Who wouldn’t want to do their job?

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