Pick-up coach Julien Blanc heading to Tokyo: White guy teaches other white guys how to get Japanese girls

This pick-up tutor is handing out tips on how to score Japanese girls, though his tactics have met the fury of some locals.

Julien Blanc‘s strategy seems to primarily be just physically grabbing girls and pulling them down into his crotch area. The video below shows him and others doing this and similar things. They manage to do the act itself but quite if it leads to other more interesting “acts” is not shown.

Apparently for “conversation”, all you need to do is say Pikachu and you’re in! Other techniques he uses are the “choke” and “bathroom pull”.

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Certainly what he says has a lot of truth — confidence (i.e., in common parlance, being a dick) can get you far in Japan if you are white (especially if you are also tall and blond). The guys we’ve known with the biggest “success” in terms of numbers were men with no sense of shame. They just pursued their task ruthlessly, constantly hunting out girls everywhere they went and never worried about how they looked to others. Of course, this consumes a lot of time and the quality of girl you achieve might not always be rewarding (particularly if you want at least to converse with someone), but it does add up to lots of notches on the bedposts.

We could also relate to Blanc’s story about the “look” you exchange with other foreigners you see in the crowd, the guilty exchange of eyes that says “I know why you’re here but I won’t say anything.”

His current seminar in Australia has met a hostile response from women.

Later this month Mr Blanc is apparently heading to Tokyo (again), so we can look forward to his antics forcing girls into his crotch, followed by a few admiring wingmen, no doubt. But possibly also some protesters!

Julien Blanc has competitors, though. In the past we have seen other foreigners also release guidebooks claiming to offer all the secrets to success in picking up Japanese girls.

However, as the adage goes, those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach.

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  • layhoma November 5, 2014

    Moronic Retard ! Japan is serious in cracking down gropers and the like and they are facing serious jail terms. This place isn’t what it use to be and women are biting back with a vengeance. I hope this dude gets locked up and deported…. All I see is an idiot who talks like a typical redneck and knows nothing about shit

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