Japanese urine fetish turns water cooler into peeing anime girl

In the rich and varied pantheon of Japanese moe and fetishes, this is a new one for us.

Tired with not only how a regular water cooler looks but also what it dispenses, one enterprising otaku has added a fixture to the unit.

japan water cooler urine moe girl drink pee schoolgirl

It’s a life-sized cardboard version of a sexy but coy Japanese schoolgirl in the unsurprisingly moe schoolgirl style.

japan water cooler urine moe girl drink pee schoolgirl

Why is she embarrassed? Because you can look up her skirt, slip your cup in the crotch and then draw the liquid from between her legs!

japan water cooler urine moe girl drink pee schoolgirl

Yes, you drink her “pee”.

golden shower peeing fetish japan

Of course, golden shower and pee fetishes are not that unusual here. There are plenty of lubes and other adult toys to help you simulate the experience when nature does not call in time to your fantasies.

However, often the emphasis is not so much on receiving the golden shower and making someone do it — and the joy of watching them.

golden shower peeing fetish japan

Omorashi, or peeing yourself, is quite a big subgenre in porn, and the presence of nyou (or pee) on underwear as a stain of shame is a common motif in fantasies.

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  • Gojo Mark October 22, 2012

    They should make a fudge soft icecream dispenser for the scat freaks.

  • Tadashi Anahori (Post author) October 23, 2012

    @Gojo Mark

    Now, THAT would be truly original. But smelly…

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